The Crocodile God – First draft completed!

All right, so Chapter 16 and the conclusion for The Crocodile God are both up! That means I’ve finally finished the first draft for one of my five million projects! Check it out using the link in the title or go to my ko-fi page and send me a donation if you want! THE CROCODILE […]

Just set up a Ko-fi page!

Hello, folks! I finally made the jump to a Ko-fi website, so if anyone wants to check out my introduction post detailing The Crocodile God’s progress or to make a donation towards my first goal to upgrade my Dropbox account, feel free to do so! And you can always share this post so that others […]

New chapter for The Crocodile God!

Super late, but Chapter 15’s been up since December 6 and I’m working on the next chapter now. Please leave a comment or share my post if you don’t have time for reading the whole thing and leaving a five-star review! Anything helps!

Invited to go to Canada!

So I submitted a proposal about my Filipino-American urban-fantasy work to the Center for Babaylan Studies up in Canada, which recently got accepted. While I was freaking out about being broke and not being able to afford plane tickets PLUS the registration fee, one of my friends decided to start a Gofundme campaign. It’s great […]

The Crocodile God – looking for readers again!

The two Balangays in full sail
The two Balangays in full sail

Posting this informal synopsis again, because I’m about to ask Christian Mihai for some help with boosting my post.

“THE CROCODILE GOD’S” first draft is almost finished and I’d appreciate if my crew could read it and review it, or just leave some comments on the chapters so that the Inkitt admin will send it to an editor and get it on track for publishing.

I just updated with the latest chapter, so you won’t have to wait too long for the next one!


Sorry for the all-caps, but people love to NOT-follow my instructions, so I’ll repeat them at the end of the synopsis.

Anyway, “The Crocodile God” is about a Fil-American woman Mirasol who finds a hot Fil-Australian dude called Haik shipwrecked on the beach. He’s muscled and covered in indigenous Filipino tattoos, so think Jason Momoa’s Aquaman with shorter hair, an Australian accent, and REALLY FUCKING DARK SKIN.

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