Updates to a work-in-progress!

Hey there folks, I recently sent out an update to my work-in-progress, Moonflowers! According to the dates between the last chapter and the newest one, I got distracted by both The Crocodile God and the pandemic for about… five years total. YIKES. Click the link to Moonflowers here! For those who have read The Crocodile […]

Vibranium – Draft 2

Edit, October 26, 2020: Hey folks, I needed to tweak a detail because I forgot about the inflation from 1918 currency. Poem has been tweaked! — Hey there, folks! I did a new draft of “Vibranium” last week because I’m working with a school who wants to get more diversity into creative writing! VibraniumIn Chicago’s […]

MAUI – draft 2

Hey, folks! Here’s the edits to MAUI, since I edited it for the video I sent off over the weekend. Bathala Maykapal likes to talk about his youth            For the gods have not told stories in five hundred years. And I like to listen            For I am sick of Catholicism            And its rules            And its […]


One of my friends let me know about a virtual performance event she’s holding, so I edited some poems from “Elegies to the Anito,” recorded them on my phone, and sent them off today. The five-hour wait to upload the videos and process them in Google Drive was NOT fun, though. Started at 7ish pm, […]

Quick update, and request for novel draft feedback!

Hello, folks. I’ve just been stuck at home like many of you probably are. Trying to finish my other projects while I beg people to help support The Crocodile God, but as most artists know, progress is tedious as fuck. If anyone wants to check it out, please feel free to do so! Here’s a […]

Happy AAPI Heritage month!

So I forgot May was #AsianPacificIslanderHeritageMonth until recently, lol. At least I still have a week. Check out my novel-draft that deals with Filipino colonization, undocumented immigrants, and a patchwork attempt at reconnecting Filipino traditions with Pacific Islander roots! On the cover, the English title up top is “THE CROCODILE GOD,” and the Tagalog/Baybayin title is “ANG […]